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You have to try these cool classic flash games

What comes to your mind whenever you hear the video game? Well initially, negative feedback is the first one to be mentioned. Video games have been one of the wide-known recreational activity in the world. It brings fun, enjoyment, excitement and allows you to exercise your brain through strategies that you will do next. Did you know that playing action video games benefits in making people make decisions faster? It is through the developed sense of sensitivity on the player's surroundings that allows them to multitask. That is just one example of how playing video games unknowingly gives the players benefit in just playing.

antwar classic gameTechnology in the 21st century is taking video games to the next level- exciting ways of winning, many plot twists, millions of characters with different powers and so much more than you can no longer count among your given fingers. In this article let's recall 3 video games that you might be familiar with, if not- you might be checking the internet about the details of it and start playing it after reading this.

Antwar requires a unique strategy from the player to pick one of the best ant types that will give benefit to the colony that it belongs. The player needs to build a colony and sustain its 3 main resources- food, nest size, and the ants. The survival of the ants depends on the player's strategy as it is not only to achieve the 3 main resources but what gives an additional excitement is the enemies that you would encounter as you go along. The player needs to grow a larger community to move the game in the difficult zones.

age-of-castlesAngry Gods, goblins, and calamities are one of the obstacles present in the Age of Castles. This game lets the player experience how to govern a land and be a lord out of 5 types as it starts with a small village where the player needs to strategize in making it into an ultimate castle. The key to the game is to manage a simple menu divides your people into separate jobs that will help you in improving your resources- population, gold, castle, and strength. You can also have the fifth resource which is magic which is very important in unlocking and buying some parts of the game. You will win the game by getting a huge population with high resources and conquering battles.

Treasure Pyramid will take you to ancient Egypt, not just in the famous Pyramids but to undiscovered and forgotten ruins of Egypt that nobody has seen yet. It will bring out the historian and keen person inside the player as the game requires the 7 jewels to be collected therefore unlocking the Treasure Pyramid. The game is so simple, match 3 or more colors in the playing field to complete the puzzle and move to the next level. It might be so easy but the challenging part of it is the frames of the playing field. Not all of them is the traditional square which that allow the player to think more to get through it.

The 3 games described above may have been forgotten by its players but to make it alive, developers have redefined them by improving their skins and making most of them available in Steam which will add more excitement to the players. Better than how it was before

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