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The Tycoon Series- A Boom To the Game Lovers

Gone are the days when people used to get entertain with the television, movies etc. Nowadays, people are more attracted towards the games especially “The Tycoon Series". This series includes different types of games which includes business games, click fest games, time management games etc. Although there are huge number of games out there and categorized on the basis of good games and bad games. The good games last for too long while bad games does not run for too long and get disappear easily. There was a boom to the Tycoon Series from the last several years in which some games are available for free while some can be purchased from different sites. Some of them are discussed in this article.

Did you know that “Airline Tycoon" is one of the most controversial tycoon game on this series. Although it was not the best seller and was not a very serious game. In this game, the player is the owner of the airline present on the airport and competing for the other airline owners present on the same airport. It was a light-hearted game. Although it is a challenging game but the new version of the game, “Airline Tycoon 2" is very good and popular among the users. Another game in this series, “Fish Tycoon 2' virtual aquarium" is the most popular and highly tending game on this series. In this game, you have to breed the fish, feed the fish and sell it away and transforming yourself into the ultimate aquatic entrepreneur from the small merchant. This game is absolutely not free and you can purchase it from online modes and enjoy it. People are playing this game and loving it. You can play this game on the android phones and computers.

railroad-tycoon-3Another game, “Railroad Tycoon" is the first game of the Tycoon series. So as to play this game, you need to build your rail empire and transporting and passengers in the meanwhile. Till now, three versions of this game have been introduced i.e., Railroad Tycoon 2 , Railroad Tycoon 3, Sid Meier's railroads in 1998, 2003, 2006 respectively. This was the first game to introduced and being the first, it was the most successful game of Tycoon series till now.

“Fairy grandmother tycoon" is the game which is considered as the highly trending game of Tycoon series. In this game, the player has to set up the shops in the different villages. After knowing the weather forecast, you have to shift the shop to the other village and for which, you have to hire the people or contractors which helps in shifting the products and pay them, in exchange. This game was available on the online shopping corners and is absolutely not free. Although a free trial of 1 hour is available on the internet and if you like the game in the trial, then you can buy the game.

Railway empire is the game which is highly played in the tycoon series and get ready to amaze with it in 2018 also. Railway empire has already got the great applause and praise till now and be ready to play your favorite game. Although it is the fact that after 2000, the release of tycoon games have reduced. The reason behind this are unknown but sometimes the games may not be more appealing to the users or players.

Rollercoaster tycoon was the best and highly trending game in the mid-2000 and has got enough love from the users. Some new games are going to join the tycoon series very soon, so get ready to taste the new games on this genre.

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