Coffee Tycoon

Have You Ever Played Coffee Tycoon?

coffee-tycoon-jamopolisThe gaming industry is replete with strategy games, fun games as well as business specific games. Coffee Tycoon is one such business simulation game which was developed in 2005 by Jamopolis Interactive, a name known for suffixing the word ‘tycoon' with its primary game titles. For those that are used to play with traditional arcade games it would present a whole new perspective, while it also requires a decent shift in the way you think about success. You’ll definitely find yourself making more strategic decisions and thinking all the way around how to be more cost efficient and clever!

Ever had a dream of running a coffee shop?

The name might not ring a bell to many, but the game is one of the most played strategy games on the internet. Coffee Tycoon is considered to be an interactive game with a well laid systematic way of playing. The opening of the game comprises of buying five coffee shops in five different cities respectively. Like any other newly set up business, in the game as well, the players are supposed to manage a certain number of employees. These employees are categorized into three departments. Baristas have the primary job of selling coffee; Managers are meant to administer the customers; Executives bear the responsibility of establishing more stores. The percentage and distribution of these employees can vary and is adjustable every day in their respective areas of working.

The game comes with specific instructions. Just like in real businesses, there is a rise and fall index suggestive of the profit through every day of playing. It depends on the four yardsticks namely money, which is suggestive of the amount of money spent in the establishment of the coffee stores as well as the money earned from the customers; customers, suggestive of the number of customers who visit the stores everyday as well as the number of customers required to rise the game level; stores, determine the total number of stores running in the different cities; employees, it is the screen where the player manages the workforce as well as their distribution in various stores and grades. In the initial stages of the game or the virtual business establishment, due to limited funds, the number of items in the menu may be limited as well. As the game progresses and the earnings arrive, new items can be added and menus can be upgraded which further indicates to more incoming bonus in cash, customer as well as new stores acquisition.

Hence the over all basics of this game are quite clear. This addicting strategy game simply involves opening of the stores, taking the business forward by growing the coffee empire, picking the best suited store and menu upgrades for customizing the business. Can anything be more exciting than getting a chance to have one’s own sprawling coffee empire? The primary feature of the Coffee Tycoon game is its five different company logos and five distinguished styles of coffee stores in most famous cities of the states, New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angels and Seattle.

Another gripping feature of this game is the random events at any random moment during the game. These events include incidents like a sudden message declaring a breaking into a certain owned store, stores closing due to over-expansion, need for more stores, sudden added customers or a sudden loss of money. Such adventitious events might not be pleasant always but definitely aim towards providing a dynamic challenge to the players. Not many players find the unplanned and slapdash events acceptable. Events such as a casual shutting down of a store or a certain store going bankrupt without any prior indication or one or the other illogical pretext seems to snatch away the basic fun of playing this game. Whereas, such adventitious events are also accepted as dynamic challenges by some players.

Whatever the reviews might suggest, the overall idea of owning not one but five coffee stores and leading a huge coffee dynasty surely seems exciting as well as intriguing.

Coffee Tycoon