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Cofee Rush: The Flash Game Series

coffee-rush-2In Coffee Rush, the essence of the game is to start your own coffee shop that will compete with Smokestack Coffee Company. Smokestack Coffee Company is monopolizing the market with high prices and bad coffee. The game is played by building up a recipe that you will be given. The recipe can be got by swapping items that are adjacent until you create a line of three or more similar items. The line can be created either vertically or horizontally.

The game is also a ‘time management’ game so you have to reach a target amount of money by the end of the day in order to move to the next level. You will have to repeat the level if the target isn’t met. Coffee Rush is an online flash game that can be played through your browser. The game starts with an 8x8 grid of coffee related items like milk, coffee beans, sugar, whipped cream and ice cubes. You have to match three or more identical items to gain money. To make it even more interesting, you are on a clock as customers come into your coffee shop and place orders. You have to quickly match the items that will combine to make the recipe for the order of a particular customer.

As you get the target for the day, you receive money that you can use to upgrade your shop or buy features that will help you be faster in satisfying your customers. Some of these features will help you create combinations of items that will give you extra cash, treats for the customers that want to leave your shop. The treats make them stay longer, thereby giving you more time to get their orders ready. You can also aim for bonuses that can be gotten from matching special items together.

coffee-rush-3Coffee Rush has seven neighborhoods or maps for you to explore. As the aim of the game is to liberate the people from the tyranny of Smokestack Coffee Company, you have to clear all the seven neighborhoods to win the game. The seven neighborhoods are Downtown, Collegetown, Waterfront, The Beach, Tech Valley, Industrial City and Suburbia. While playing the game, you get to meet different people from the seven neighborhoods. Each will have their distinct personality and tipping habits. Some of the people you meet will tip you more while others may be less patient and need your order quickly.

Coffee Rush is an addictive and fun game with lots of hours of gameplay. The game has had two sequels made; Coffee Rush 2 and Coffee Rush 3. Being an online game, it can be played on most smartphones as the minimum requirement is also little. The game comes in a free to try version and a full version that you have to pay for. Both versions can be downloaded for various game websites or from the website of the creators.

The only con to the game is the fact that the game is similar to Burger Rush and so players of that game may find Coffee Rush to be predictive and monotonous. Also, the shops in the seven neighborhood seem to be the same.

Coffee Tycoon